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Improve the Mobile platform for the Bank of digital

In the United States alone, nearly 30 million mobile users use their phone to access their digital bank accounts in the fourth quarter of 2010. The population has increased by more than half this year with a 54% by raising pensions. More and more people rely on the convenience of this type of banks to do business transactions through the programs supported by these technologies.

Mobile platforms from several mobile companies try to address the issue of increasing popularity that the phone has to offer to its users. Mobile applications are oriented towards the development of two main streams in its application as a mobile commerce and mobile banking is taking its toll. October 2011, ABI Research shows that companies are moving fast on its track to address the needs of users in terms of mobile application download with Android in advantage over its Apple counterpart. 31% Of Apple for download Android application exceeded 44% in the second quarter of 2011.

Mobile platforms of different companies are designing ways and means for its users appreciate the services of their product in mobile banking programs supported. Several countries have seen the efficiency and convenience of using mobile banking as a means of accessing bank accounts. More subscribers will multiply exponentially throughout the world as the new banking system looks like a tool for portfolio transfers and money.

Several groups have been predicting an increase in the population of mobile users access to their handheld phones to business with banks and access to bank accounts. Yankee Group in its June 2011 update includes 500 million mobile banking users worldwide in 2015. With a current 27 percent of survey respondents leaning towards mobile banking rather than the trade side, platforms are improved and should be constantly dynamic addressing the growing needs of its subscribers.

Mobile financial services are geared toward taking control over Asia, Middle East and Africa. Mobile banking will definitely be an advantage for developed countries, as the United States and Europe. Mobile phones are fast in its tracks to be the medium in an excellent position to surpass desktop computers and laptops.

Mobile companies its mobile operators and suppliers of banking services are joining hand in hand to make customers and satisfied customers of quality, safe and reliable service. Mobility and manoeuvrability are the primary characteristics of a handheld device, improving its platform for digital banking is considered important to adapt to the fast pace of the modern world.

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