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3 strategies to maintain a positive working environment in an election year negative

Welcome to the 2012 election year of negativity. Like the weather, everyone talks about it, but nobody does anything about it. …
… still have a negative effect on your business.

The advent of information channels 24/7 creates a constant media frenzy rips irrelevant, trivial negative spin hurled by candidates in another. This barrage of unfounded negativity schedule drains positivity from your working environment.

Mission fire dissipates. Morale suffers. Follows productivity. Decrease profits.

But it need not be so.

Here are 3 strategies to maintain a positive working environment in this election year:

Limit screen time

If I told you that eating a teaspoon of arsenic do not kill you and you believed in me every day for a month, what is the outcome?

The truth is a teaspoon doesn’t kill you, but a teaspoon every day for a month could.

The truth is one teaspoon of the newscasts won’t kill your business … but a teaspoon every day for a month could.

Limit screen time. Roll out your doses. Watch every night? Is the TV break room on a negative news channel all day?

The poison of bad news accumulates in your mind. It decreases the positive perceptions, mental, which shows up in your bottom line at the end of the month.

Using Pull, not push, Media

As well as stay informed?

Using pull, not push, media. Work, the editorial license to control personal exposure to the content. TV news channels they push on you what they want to receive regardless of political persuasion.

Use smartphone applications to regulate what you choose to read on your schedule. This shooting will support returns the power to choose, that’s what this “democratic experiment” is all about. Select a variety of perspectives. Unearth the facts. Form your own opinions.

Already customers interact with your business this way using social media.

Focus on what you can do

Most political conversations today are geared negatively about what someone is doing, or can not do. Such verbal graphic influences your self-talk for the rest of the day and shift the focus to do, or can’t do. Mental perceptions determine your physical actions.

Focus on what you can do to create a positive work environment.

Cold call prospects.

Handwrite a thank-you note to your best customers.

Innovating a new product.

Go to make it rain rather than speak of those who do not.

Do something that moves your business forward in a tangible way and focus on your mission, improved morale, increased productivity and greater profits … that create a positive working environment of experience!

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